October 02, 2012

A guest post..

Hi all,
I'm excited to have been asked by Arcadian Lighting do a guest post on lighting. Lighting is that final detail that can make or break a space. Luckily there are tons of options to choose from in whatever style you desire. Mari shows us what's available in a Moroccan theme.

Hello, everyone! It's Mari here for Arcadian Lighting, a wonderful online place to find lighting inspiration and light fixtures of all sorts. I'm so excited to be visiting with you today at Color Design Art to share a guest post about magical Moroccan style. For many years, interior designers have been fascinated by the vibrancy of this exotic style, often bringing elements of it into their designs.  Today, I've brought along several images that show the many faces of magical Moroccan style. Please enjoy!

Interior Design Home Decor Bedroom Traditional Moroccan Style
This traditional bedroom is transformed by refined Moroccan elements. A stunning painted ceiling and colorful feminine light fixture create a lovely focal point for the room.

Interior Design Home Decor Living Room Moroccan Style
Vibrant and colorful, this living room is filled with Moroccan style from floor to ceiling. Architectural detailing is stunning, as is the brilliant design of the area rug. Of course, the dramatic green sofa simply can't be ignored.

Interior Design Home Decor Living Room Moroccan Style
What a lovely surprise that this stunningly pale kitchen is in California not Morocco. Also, unexpected is the refined lack of color that we so often associate with Moroccan style. This kitchen is one of my favorites.

Interior Design Home Decor Stylish Bath Moroccan Style
Moroccan style goes contemporary in this stylish bath. A deep jewel-tone color palette brings a sense of elegance to the design, while the glitzy tiles add a touch of glam. Sleek contemporary wall sconces were chosen instead of those with a more expected lantern design.

Interior Design Home Decor Bedroom Moroccan Style
Much more casual, this bedroom still has a vibrant Moroccan feel, with a brilliant color palette and piles of lovely pillows on the bed. I wish we could see more of that interesting hanging light.

Interior Design Home Decor Chic Bedroom Moroccan Style
This lovely bedroom is a perfect example of what might today be called Moroccan chic—a lovely mix of contemporary with the Moroccan patterns, shapes and colors.

Interior Design Home Decor Boutique Guesthouse Moroccan Style
The boutique guesthouse, Peacock Pavilions, in Marrakesh offers this traditional Moroccan style bedroom as one of its guest accommodations. I love the gorgeous Moroccan wedding blankets and colorful glass pendant lights.

Interior Design Home Decor Oasis Moroccan Style
This inviting oasis reminds me of how truly magical Moroccan style can be. Sumptuous furnishings come together with cool water and a tangle of luxuriant plants and vines to create a dream-like retreat from the desert heat. Dream on… Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

Recently, it seems design enthusiasts everywhere can't get enough of Moroccan style, along with its furnishings and lighting. Which Moroccan accessory is your favorite? Comment below and make sure to check out our lovely ceiling lights at Arcadian Lighting.