June 18, 2012

So Your Style Is: Coastal..

Add a little Summer coastal to your home..

Barclay Butera does beautiful coastal design

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June 09, 2012

Summer Travels ... Boulder, Colorado

stroll through the neighborhood and you'll find lots of artistic, personal touches to each home.

Boulder has a great, sophisticated, laid-back, hippy-vibe to it. 

I've enjoyed exploring the neighborhoods, shops and restaurants.

A bit of what I'm seeing....

The garden of the apartment we rented.
Once a single family home, it has now been divided into 3 apartments.
Each featuring their own balcony, deck or backyard space. 

I love strolling the neighborhoods.. 
almost every home you pass has some personal touch.

We are staying in an area known as the Mapleton-Spruce district
 off of Pine and 17th Street. 

a zen rock garden.. 

a chicken coup.. with a bit of info about the girls inside..

a porch poster of Jean Harlow.. 

I saw many side yard vegetable gardens ... perfect use of space

Typical architectural style in the Mapleton - Spruce Street area.. 

Recognize this house? 
Right around the corner from us is the home that was used in The Mork and Mindy television series..

Pearl Street... 

Loved this shop, Fabricate, they give sewing lessons and had lots of fun fabrics to choose from..

Owned by Corey Strohmeyer and Linda Spillmann
Fabricate offers a great range of classes from learning about fabric basics, to classes on how to make totes, curtains and children's clothing

is a shop that offers the perfect combination of garden necessities 
plants & flowers, unique gifts and garden art 

These birdhouses would add an instant artistic touch to any yard. 

These glass terrariums are awesome for both interior and exterior spaces


These candles made from honey smelled so lovely!

Great mirror!  : )

Colorful hand painted plates

Other West End sightings.. 
Beautiful succulents available at the Farmers Market 
would make a great, lasting table arrangement

Local dining.. 
most of the restaurants in Boulder pride themselves on offering local farm to table food. 
Pastavino, located on the West end of town..
Wonderful interior design at PastaVino 

The combination of strips of neon lights and the warmth of the wood is brilliant.. 

Needless to say we have really enjoyed our visit to Boulder and will definitely be back again soon..till we meet again..