March 16, 2011

Summer travels..

Planning my summer get-away.. which will include a little of this..
Luxury camping... the best of both worlds.. 

"Glam-ping".. (glam-camping) the new word for eco-luxury-camping.. love it!

While planning my trip, I had a great time perusing all the great New Zealand modern architecture sites and I spent many hours on this site Hotel Design
Hotel Design, photos from beautiful resorts around the world..

 A photo blog devoted to Hotel and Resort design... very inspiring!  While surfing around, I found several websites devoted to design and eco travel. They've given me great ideas for the homes I'm currently working on (who doesn't want a little bit of hotel luxury at home?)  Can't wait to post my own photos of the places I will visit this summer.

More vacation eye candy....

"All of life is a journey which paths we take, what we look back on and what we look forward to is up to us." c.s. lewis

Looking forward..
Happy Summer Planning!

Ps.. here are some links to help you plan..


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  2. Those photos look wonderful. It makes me think about filing my leave and heading out to a nice, warm, tropical vacation.


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