April 27, 2010

Whimsical Inspiration

Add a touch of


to life…

Artful wall stickers from Rockett St. George

Life has been busy. I've not had nearly enough time on my bike.

The weather has not been great and we seem to be in that in-between time of year where we get teased with the warmth of Spring and before it gets too comfortable we get hit with a wicked rain storm.

All of this indoor time has made me feel reflective and restless! Can you tell?

on a conference call and I resort to doodling on my hand

It has me seeking design inspiration to lighten my mood. Here is what I found....

Wall Stickers;

not just for kids..

A great way to add a playful element to any room.

They come in all different colors & design and range in price from $8 to over $100. To find them just google 'Wall Stickers', you'll find hundreds of options.

Keeping on the whimsy theme.. here are a few more items I found. All seemed like a great way to add whimsy to your life..

Tea towels from Rocket St George ... who doesn't need a Pride and Prejudice tea towel?

you can buy this Ron Shiers print

Or you can make your own out of Polaroids..

You might need to rob a bank to add this much whimsy to your life..
San Francisco Saks Fifth Avenue store window

Cut-out felt rug and end of the bed throw

Tulips in a large round vase with sea glass, artfully arranged.

Ikat Fabric
Ikat is a type of tie dye fabric, it literally means "to tie" or "to bind" in the Indonesian language. It is so popular right now..

A round-up featured in this months Elle Decor

And of course it's made its way into fashion..

There are so many beautiful ways to incorporate a little bit of this colorful, pattern into your home decor.

I love the bold color

And exotic drama it adds to any room

But then again, I think it must be that it appeals to that whimsy, hippie chick side of me.

Here’s to celebrating the whimsy in our lives!


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