February 22, 2010

A sunny-yellow-front-door welcome...

How wonderful yellow is.
It stands for the sun.
Vincent Van Gogh

I took the Front Door test on Blogthings the other day..

I selected yellow and was happy to learn this:
You are social, giving and very community oriented. You feel like you're making a difference in the world. Friendly optimistic, you are a welcoming person. You like to bring people together and you are a perfect host. whew..guess I passed that test!

There are only a few houses in my neighborhood with yellow front doors...

And they always make me smile.

It seems like such a cheery way to welcome a visitor.

I applaud the owners for choosing such a bold color and stepping away from the traditional red, black or white front door

A yellow front door seems to work well with just about any color and almost acts like a neutral.

Here are some of my favorite photos of yellow front doors in my neighborhood

and outside of my neighborhood...

If I were going to select the perfect shade of yellow

I'd choose...

Behr Vibrant or Benjamin Moore 2022-40 Banana Yellow

Or Farrow & Ball Babouche, the clearer, the brighter the better!

But why stop at the front door? These yellow interior doors are also so unexpected and beautiful.

I love the gray-taupe wall color with the yellow.


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February 18, 2010

Quick, Easy, Inexpensive Ways to Update Your Bedroom...

DwellStudio for Target has some amazing patterns and colors. A simple solution for a quick update to any room.

Love the blue and geometric designs

On Sale at West Elm:
Square-Cutout Headboard
Square Cutout Headboard ~ On sale for $179.00!

Or this one for $329.00

Finish the look with some updated wall accessories for $12.99
Rope Candleholders
Rope Candleholders West Elm $12.99

February 05, 2010

simplicity, authenticity & balance

"Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature.

It will never fail you."

Frank Lloyd Wright

Balance is a perfect word to start with. I've been away and have not updated my website or portfolio in a couple of months. You could say that I've been adding some balance to my life. I was lucky enough to travel for much of December. The highlight was a trip to Vienna.

While there I did lots of this:
Kaffee mit Schlagsahne, (Coffee with whipped cream)
saw lots of this
Love and jealousy, Venus and Mars

The art featured at the Kunsthistorisches Museum

I definitely ate more than my share of wonderful desserts. This is what was left of my birthday dessert.

Vienna is an incredible city, rich with history in design and art. The museum collections were amazing and I could have easily spent hours each day lost in the halls of the many museums in the Museum Quarter. December is one of the best times to visit because the streets are busy with the Christkindlmarkt. Neighborhood street festivals that come alive nightly, especially at happy hour! There are many booths serving hot chocolate with rum and warm punch (very potent). You could spend hours (and I did) shopping for handmade items and drinking hot chocolate with rum, (and I did).
The Streets of Wien

Color Trends & Design Updates..

Last week I attended Design San Francisco, which essentially is fashion week for the interior design industry. Always inspiring and good for a creative jolt. The week is filled with industry mixers & mingling opportunities, book signings, seminars, new furniture, fabric and material introductions, etc. It was nice to see many of my friends and fellow designers out and about.The seminar I always look forward to is the Benjamin Moore Color Pulse presentation. Mary Hoffman, a color specialist with Benjamin Moore, does a great job of putting together an informative, global perspective on color trends. In the last few years we've had:
  • 2009 ~ Simplicity
  • 2010 ~ Authenticity
  • 2011 ~ Balance
The 2011 theme of Balance is represented as a return to 'The Farm', which represents a return to wisdom and all things organic. 'Balance' is captured by a sense of 'Order', which then allows us to 'Escape' and return to our core values of 'Tribe' (togetherness).
These are how the themes are represented in color:

The Farm

gray~brown = soil

creamy whites and buttery yellows = milk, hay and eggs

blue~Greens = vegetables
rich orange-reds = tomatoes & fruit
purples will have black undertones = eggplant and roots

This will translate to fabrics and color schemes with rich tones of gray accented with pops of yellow, red, green and accented with creamy neutrals.

Hand blown glass bowl found on Etsy

The Baxter sofa from West Elm
This theme reflects the sense of order we need in our lives while the economy and the world is in chaos. It's represented by geometric shapes, primary colors and translates into stripes, color blocking; outlining, cubes, circles and strong patterns. Red and black have already taken hold in fashion and now it will translate to furniture and fabrics. The colors are clear and bold:

I think this theme is pretty easy to translate and it is amazing how quickly I have already seen it in new art and even tile!

A visit to the San Francisco Walker Zanger showroom features beautiful geometric patterned tiles.


Order and getting back to the farm are just the start. Once you've accomplished that how about escaping? The colors of escape are luminous, frosted pales, sheer, pinks softened by gray, ombre fabrics and soft coral. A very feminine approach to design.

The Escape palette

Ombre fabrics will start making an appearance in furniture

Soft corals and pinks will be accented with bolder colors and creamy whites

Lastly, now that we've returned to The Farm, found a sense of Order and Escaped back into our imagination, its time to return to community. The Tribe represents togetherness, a return to core values and sense of belonging. The urban landscape becomes individualized as we learn to express ourselves within community.

The Tribe is represented by rich colors bronze, orange, pink, berry red, taupe, fuscia, yellow and blue. The yellows are blackened and the teal is clear aqua color.

Aqua paint color is Benjamin Moore 675 Thunderbird

It will be exciting to watch as these trends emerge in fashion and design. While passing by the Robert Allen showroom I noticed that they were already showing these trends in full force!

Ciao for now. Feel free to leave a comment or send me an email if there is something that you liked or didn't like. Would love to hear from you.