October 18, 2009

Eco-Eye Candy!

A round up of organic interior design and a color trend alert.

You could go to Paris or a new city everyday if you had these glasses..

Organic Bedding for teenagers by Amy Butler now available at Bed Bath & Beyond. Great colors and styles.

Purple Alert! Look for the Magenta, Fuchsia and Purple in fashion and interior design, its on its way.

The new Roche-Bobois collection is amazing, decadent, sinful, gorgeous and I want every piece.

I'm going to have to remember to add purple to my usual black wardrobe...


August 12, 2009

Designing Furniture, it can be a nail biter.

My concept for a custom Armoir

Designing a piece of furniture for a client can be a bit nerve wracking. I am constantly checking my details, dimensions and finishes. Like anything, the perfect image can exist in your head, but how will it translate to your furniture builder? And more importantly can you translate the vision to the client without the need to see it in 3-d before placing the order?

Finding a furniture maker that you are comfortable with makes a huge difference. It takes a while to develop this relationship. But once he understands your style, preferences, etc.. it can be a great relationship! (now if only I could find a boyfriend that understands me, life would be perfect!!) I am really lucky to work with a guy that will take my concepts and bring them to life. I spend a couple of hours (at least) talking through my design, reviewing drawings and then go back and forth on finishes, dimensions and the fine details, down to the hardware.

From concept to completion.. ready for delivery!

This entry piece is designed for a client and will fit into a niche near the front door, below a window. The homes' interior design is modern meets craftsman-style. The drawers will serve as a place to store shoes, keys or anything else you may want to remember, without it looking like a huge pile by the front door.

Several sources offer the opportunity to customize your furniture and lately I've seen lighting company's do the same. See Lighting Universe and their offer to design your own custom light fixture. Wouldn't it be great to have a really cool light fixture designed by you?

August 03, 2009

Butterfly's and Bikes!

"Tranquility" by Damien Hirst. Auctioned at Seoul’s Modern and Contemporary Art sale, went for a cool $1.71 million.

A few months back I wrote about the 'Butterfly' trend in fashion, textiles and jewelry, and now with the inspiration and genius of Damien Hirst, whose Tranquility painting, which was filled with butterflies and sold for $1.71m, a new LIVESTRONG Trek Madone has been created by the artist. Damien Hirst has beautifully customized the bike and added a butterfly all-over design to it. The customized Trek Madone bike has a gorgeous array of real butterflies from the frame down to the rims and replaces the bright yellow and black typically used in the LIVESTRONG design. A masterpiece for sure!

LIVESTRONG, Trek Madone, Created by artist Damien Hirst

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